Fostering Equity Modules

CCR offers trainings and resources that not only help policymakers, researchers, academics, nonprofits, and other stakeholders understand the trauma and disparities that stem from structural racism, but also support constructive conversations that lead to policy and systems changes. Working with our partners, we advance change by exploring how local history, ordinances and practices contribute to trauma and inequity in marginalized neighborhoods. Understanding the people and unique dynamics of a community is critical to the BCR process. Through this exploration, participants map out the collective experience of oppressive systems and policies, as well as the inequitable social structures that exacerbate individual traumas.

To support this process, CCR developed four Fostering Equity modules modules in 2020, each one representing BCR network experiences in centering equity at the heart of community resilience. In 2021, we updated Module I, revising the Policy Timeline to include the emerging “War on Truth” and discuss how legislative attacks on voting rights and public health will only increase adversity and inequity in our nation’s most vulnerable communities.


“What’s Equity Got to Do With It?” and Connecting Policy to Community Outcomes

This module presents background on the nearly 400-year history of American policy to explain the social, economic and health inequities we see in communities today. How can policies set in place more than 400 years ago inform outcomes we see in community today? In order to fully undo the effects of centuries of systemic racism, we have to understand the synergistic effect of policy across multiple sectors over time. Using data to illustrate the outcomes of public policy helps us better understand the vicious cycles that have been deliberately put in place and are not easily broken.
Updated 11.01.2021.

Download Module I (PDF)

Infographic: Connecting Housing Policy and Practice to Community Outcomes (PDF)

Infographic: Connecting Education Policy and Practice to Community Outcomes (PDF)

Infographic: Connecting Criminal Justice Policy and Practice to Community Outcomes (PDF)

Preparing for the Equity Talk

Module I demonstrates how policies designed with the explicit intent of racial oppression create inequities beyond racial lines and produce negative place-based and class-based outcomes in communities across the country. This means that inequity is no longer a concern for just some people, it is a concern for all. This module presents a framing that facilitates coalition building around a shared understanding of the past and present, thereby creating a firm foundation for transformational social justice change.

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Community Engagement Strategies

“Nothing about us, without us!” is a slogan used to communicate the idea that policy should not be created or implemented without full and direct participation of the people who will be affected. This is an important reminder that the path to equity runs straight through community. As such, Module III focuses on authentically engaging communities and stakeholders in the conversation. These strategies were compiled from the shared experiences of the Building Community Resilience collaborative over the past five years and are based on lessons learned from our work together.

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Advancing Equity in Policy

This module provides examples of policy change that can advance equity and support healthy and resilient communities. Within each domain - housing, education, and law enforcement and criminal justice - we highlight key equity goals and provide concrete examples of policies that communities can pursue to achieve those goals.

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Additional Resources

Many resources beyond the scope of this guide exist to support individuals and organizations in navigating specific aspects of the work to heal trauma, foster equity and build community resilience. This section includes several tools and articles from the social justice and equity building fields that expand upon ideas and concepts from the Fostering Equity guide. This is not a comprehensive list, but rather a starting point for deepening your work to build a resilient nation.

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