COVID-19 Community Response

COVID-19 Community Response

Now more than ever is a time for Building Community Resilience - a time to leverage networks and harness our collective power to ensure the health, wellbeing and equitable access to much needed support for our children and families.

For the past five years the Building Community Resilience Networks and Collaborative have worked across sectors to address and prevent childhood adversity by fostering equity to promote resilience. Today our network partners are responding to a global pandemic that threatens the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. Pre-existing inequities that drive chronic adversity are only exacerbated in the face of school closings and the shutdown of businesses that support hourly workers. The economic uncertainty coupled with the disruption of life as we know it upends the sense of safety and stability for caregivers and our children.


New from CCR

In Community Implementation of Federal COVID-19 Response: Results and Recommendations, BCR network sites share how communities are using federal resources and flexibilities to support an equitable recovery and what policymakers should consider next.

A new paper, A Resilient Nation: Considerations for COVID-19 Relief , outlines policy considerations based on the experience of CCR communities around the country. The CCR network urges federal policymakers to focus on how the federal response can further support child, family and community resilience and advance racial equity.


As the Center for Community Resilience continues to monitor community and policy responses across the country, we have compiled and will continue to update the following list of resources shared by our partners:

Programmatic & Policy Response


Child Welfare

Mental Health

Arts Response

CDC Residential Eviction Order

Federal Legislation

State-Specific Legislation

Local Government Response

Community Engagement

Communications Resources

Supporting Vulnerable Populations

Trauma Sensitive Response

Supporting Emotional Wellbeing