CCR Releases 2021 Resilient Nation Federal Policy Agenda

May 8, 2021

The Biden-Harris Administration and the 117th Congress are confronting an unprecedented set of interlocking crises not seen in generations. While battling COVID-19 and restoring the American economy will undoubtedly be top priorities for the federal government, there remains the possibility to build a stronger structural foundation for communities across the nation, particularly communities of color, and address the root causes of deeply entrenched inequity. The Center for Community Resilience has released its 2021 Resilient Nation Federal Policy Agenda (PDF) to highlight policy priorities that ensure a pathway to equitable recovery from COVID-19, but also dismantle pervasive issues of inequity that are producing the Pair of ACEs - adverse childhood experiences that occur in the context of adverse community environments. The legislative agenda brings to bear the expertise of the Center for Community Resilience and our network collaborators, who are working to improve the health of communities by enabling cross-sectoral partners to align policy, programs and practice to address the Pair of ACEs.